Our bodies adapt to changes in seasons and climate. Set your thermostat at 18-20°C in winter and no less than 26°C in summer.
In winter, 22°C may feel too hot and in summer it may feel too cold. People who live in warmer climates have a higher tolerance for heat and will probably find that a much higher temperature than 22°C feels comfortable. Save Energy

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Heating Energy and Savings Tips

Reducing your heating energy use is an effective way to save money and reduce your home’s contribution to global climate change. Sealing your home from the weather can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 15 to 30%. It will also make your home more comfortable inside.
Free heating tips you can use today!
There a simple and FREE changes you can make when trying to heat your home to reduce greenhouse emissions and save you money now. So what are you waiting for?  
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Reduce Your Heating Costs This Winter
There are many ways you can reduce your households heating costs this winter.
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Further heating tips
The following tips on efficiently heating your home may incur a cost, but will further reduce your emissions and save you money!
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