Turn off appliances at the switch, or better still, the power point, when they are not being used and save up to 10% on your household electricity bill. Many appliances go into 'standby' power mode unless they are switched off at the power point. Even in standby mode, appliances still use energy and cost you money. Save Energy

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Using Appliances Tips

Home appliances can add to or detract from a home's overall energy-efficiency. The best way to know that a home appliance is designed with energy-efficiency in mind is to look for the energy star rating.

For information on energy star ratings for appliances visit the Australian Government's energy rating website .

Free changes you can make now!
There a simple and FREE changes you can make when using appliances in your home to reduce greenhouse emissions and save you money now. So what are you waiting for?
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Energy saving laundry tips
The following are some energy saving laundry tips you can use today!
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Further changes
The following tips on selecting and using household appliances efficiently may incur a cost, but will further reduce your emissions and save you money!
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