Around 6.67 billion or 36,700 tonnes of plastic bags go to landfill in Australia each year.

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Waste prevention means consuming and throwing away less. Since it prevents the generation of waste in the first place, it is the most preferred method of waste management and goes a long way toward protecting the environment.

Consumers can also share in the economic benefits of waste prevention. Buying products in bulk (with less packaging) or that are reusable (not single-use) frequently translates into cost savings. Another great way to reduce waste is to start your own garden - food that you grow yourself does not have to be 'processed' or 'packaged', and no fossil fuels are needed to get it to the store and then to your house. What is good for the environment can be good for the hip-pocket as well.
Ways to Reduce
You can save money and reduce waste by keeping items for as long as they are still of use to you.
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