There are over 8 million cars on Australia's roads.

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Carpooling is among the most efficient solutions out there for cutting back on your personal contribution to greenhouse gases. Carpooling also reduces congestion, which makes every other vehicle on the road more efficient. It reduces the need for more lanes, and it reduces vehicle wear and tear, saving significant resources down the line. As an added benefit, using carpool lanes (when available) can drastically cut down on commute time.

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Recognising travel is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to the savings in time, cost, and productivity of virtual meetings instead of travel. It's a novel idea for many executives, but more business is being conducted virtually via conference calls and videoconferences. Though not quite the same as a real-life meeting or convention, videoconferencing technology has undergone an upgrade in recent years. You may not be able to forgo every business trip, but you can take a chunk out of your carbon travelprint by opting to "meet" from the comfort of your office chair. The latest HD video systems now pay for themselves the very first time three people choose to avoid one international or domestic trip and elect to use video instead.
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