If you're going to be away for more than five minutes, switch the light off. With modern lighting design, there is a small surge of power when some lights are turned on, but this is much smaller than the energy used by running the light when you don't need it. Save Energy

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Lighting Tips

Free lighting tips you can use today!
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. The simplest, most cost effective way to save energy!
  • Use task lighting rather than whole room lighting when a small amount of focused light is required, e.g. desk lamp.
  • Clean lamps and fittings. Dirt build-up will reduce light output from globes over time.
  • Avoid using multiple globe fittings and having several lights activated by one switch. Consider removing light bulbs in rooms that have multiple light fittings.

Further lighting tips
  • Use energy saving light globes. The latest designs come in different shapes/sizes and don’t compromise on light output. An AAA light bulb will cost you 0.2c for 10 hours where a halogen bulb will cost you 0.3 c for only 45 mins!
  • Use the lowest wattage light needed to adequately light up an area. Choose fluorescent lighting, energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED lighting. This is particularly important where lights are required for longer periods.
  • Use downlights for accent lighting only and change from halogen to CFL lights. They last 5 times as long, won’t overheat your house and use a quarter of the energy!
  • Take advantage of all available daylight. Think about the best orientation if building a new home. Clean and open-up windows to maximise light and warmth in your home.
  • Use lighter colours for renovating and decorating. Light colours reduce the light requirement by reflecting more light back into the room.
  • Minimise the use of outdoor and security lighting by installing programmable timers, daylight sensors or motion sensors.

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