Use an energy efficient air-conditioner. A 1.5kw unit will cost you $2 for 10 hours, where a 4kw unit is more than double at $5.75. That’s a saving of $450 over a 4 month period. *Based on 10 hours/day.

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Cooling Energy and Savings Tips

Free cooling tips you can use today!
  • Close your house during the day. Opening the windows in summer actually heats the house.
  • Use fans to minimise air conditioner use. A small fan will use much less power than a wall mounted air conditioner.
  • Don’t overcool your house. Keep the cooling thermostat set above 24°C.
  • Don’t leave your cooling unit running overnight or while you’re out during the day. It’s much cheaper to turn the unit off while you are sleeping, and turn it on again when you return or wake up in the morning.
  • Close any rooms off that aren't occupied.
Further cooling tips
  • Windows lose energy much faster than walls, even uninsulated walls. Install effective window treatments to keep the cool air in.
  • Use portable and ceiling fans. The best choice for cooling, fans are cheap to run and produce less greenhouse gas. A ceiling fan only costs about $0.25c/day to run.
  • Choose reverse-cycle systems where possible. They are not as energy intensive, generate less greenhouse gases and reduce your bills!
  • When replacing your air conditioning unit, ensure you buy the most energy efficient unit that is available (i.e. at least 5 stars). Look for the energy star rating label.
  • Cleaning filters regularly will ensure the optimum operation of your appliances.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances. When purchasing your next appliance, large or small, choose one with an AAA energy star rating.  
  • Weatherproof your home. Sealing up gaps and cracks will improve your home’s comfort and reduce energy use and cost.

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