Around 6.67 billion or 36,700 tonnes of plastic bags go to landfill in Australia each year.

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Ways to Reduce
  • Bulk buy when possible, but don't buy more than you can use.
  • Avoid using plastic bags. When you buy one or two items at the shops, carry them out in your hands; or take a reusable bag with you to carry the items you buy.
  • Use durable goods longer. Durable goods are sturdy things like furniture or household appliances that can (and should) be used for many years. You can save money and reduce waste by keeping these items for as long as possible and repairing them when they break, rather than buying new ones.
  • Use durable items rather than disposable items whenever possible. For example, select reusable razors rather than the disposable ones and when entertaining or serving meals, avoid using disposable plates, cups, and napkins.
  • Say NO to junk mail! Whenever possible, use the Internet to obtain (and pay) bills, news, catalogs and other information that usually comes to your house in a paper format.
  • Start a garden. Food that you grow yourself does not have to be 'processed' or 'packaged', and no fossil fuels are needed to get it to the store and then to your house.
  • Visit garage sales and second-hand stores. You can pick up some great quality items and reduce waste to landfill and production energy too.
  • Purchase products with less or recyclable packaging. This will improve the sustainable life cycle of the product and mean less waste for you!
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