Walking is highly efficient - it rarely causes injury and it gives streets vitality and personal security. Many car trips are quite short, less than 2km, indicating that walking could be a feasible alternative and contribute to reducing the pollution from a cold-start vehicle travelling only a short distance.

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Making an Impact on the Move

Within Australia, emissions from transportation sources, including cars; buses; trains; motorcycles etc., represent 13.4% of the nation's total emissions.

Australian's rely on transportation sources of all types to go about their daily lives, but with the amount of greenhouse gases our vehicles emit even small changes could help reduce our collective carbon footprint. While using your car or taking a flight may seem like the most convenient way to travel, you may discover that you can save time, money, and stress by choosing other options.

As a leader in sustainability, Alcoa is committed to encouraging our people to live sustainable lifestyles, and Make an Impact is one way we can help them do that. When it comes to being on the move, we encourage our people to car-pool to and from work whenever possible.

Also, did you know that the use of aluminium in transport provides lifecycle benefits, from improved performance, to fuel efficiency, to lower greenhouse emissions? Every kilogram of aluminium used in a car potentially saves a net 20 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions over the car's life. For other vehicles, such as trains, ferries and aircraft, the potential savings are even greater. An aluminium component is 40 – 50% lighter than an equivalent steel component, and every 10% reduction in weight in transport produces 6 – 8% in fuel savings - with a consequent reduction in vehicle greenhouse emissions.
Transportation emissions are a result of two factors: the fuel efficiency of the vehicles in use, and the availability of alternatives to driving alone.
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Sometimes people have no choice but to fly, but the resulting emissions can often represent the biggest chunk of your carbon footprint.
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Public Transportation
One of the best ways to reduce your impact on the climate is to catch a bus or train instead of driving.
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Bicycling & Walking
Our options for getting around depend very much on where we live.
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