Fluorescent lights generate only 1/5 as much greenhouse gas as ordinary globes, yet still produce the same amount of light.

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Making an Impact at Work

For many companies, reducing emissions benefits both the environment and the bottom line. Not only will more efficient machines and operating systems save your employer money in lower energy bills, but the switch can also make you a more productive employee. Many companies have found that taking steps to reduce energy use – like giving employees control of their lighting, heating, and cooling – can increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. Plenty of opportunities to save energy and enhance your workplace experience exist. From reusing your favourite coffee mug to setting your equipment to power save mode – every step will make a difference in reducing your carbon footprint at work.

Since 2003, Alcoa has reduced global direct greenhouse gas emissions to 33% below 1990 levels. But in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through operational energy efficiency, productivity improvements and new technology, there are many other smaller things we encourage our people to do to make an impact at work.

We have a triple-bin system in our kitchens, canteens and lunch rooms, which is reducing the waste we send to landfill. The tripe-bin system separates recyclables, compostable materials and other wastes, to ensure nothing unnecessary is going into landfill. You could start a similar system at home.

We have Make an Impact notices next to every light switch and air conditioning control at Alcoa, reminding our people not to leave unnecessary equipment on.

Our office workers are also requested to shut down their computers at the end of the day, rather than leaving them on standby mode. When everyone is involved, all these small steps can make a big impact!
Business and home offices use a significant amount of electricity for heating and cooling, lighting and operating equipment.

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Most people don’t realise that solid waste reduction and recycling help address global climate change.

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A large amount of greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation sources, including emissions generated by employees travelling for office-related business and commuting to and from their jobs.

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