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Tony Cust – Make an Impact Hero, Alcoa Pt Henry
Tony Cust, our Stores Officer from Pt Henry, says it’s the little things that add up when it comes to reducing your greenhouse footprint.

“I have my power and gas usage data going back to 1972. It’s been a bit of a fascination for me – watching how as my family has changed and our habits changed, so has the amount we have used. Even today, when my sons come to stay with me, I see an increase. I think being aware of what you use and monitoring that use really makes you more efficient.

“It’s as simple as turning off lights, thinking about your heating, and deciding whether you really need to do a load of washing with hot water”, Tony said.

“Since 2000, I’ve been recycling my grey water and using it in the garden, and I can see that it’s the little things that really make a difference.

“By not using the car, I’m conserving fuel, and producing less greenhouse gas - and I’m also keeping myself fitter by walking or riding my bike. So it’s a win not only for the environment, but for my hip-pocket and fitness as well.”

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