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Make An Impact Hero - Sue Bannerman, Kwinana Refinery
Sue Bannerman, a physiotherapist and ergonomist at Alcoa’s Kwinana Medical Centre, introduced Make an Impact to her family two years ago, when she modified her behavioural rewards system with “carbon rewards” at home with her husband and two children Tom and Isabelle.  The aim was to educate and encourage the family to make positive changes to their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprint in the home.  Rewards points were given for switching off un-used lights, limiting showers to 4 minutes and recycling green waste into the worm farm.
“We have become ‘carbon cops’ at home to instil environmental awareness in our children.  We have developed a fun and effective way to teach the children about their carbon footprint.  The more effective they are in reducing the energy and water usage, the more points they get,” said Sue.
“As points accumulate the kids get to cash-in for rewards, whether it is a lunch order from school or an outing to the movies with the family,  which the kids get really excited about.”
Saving energy has become an integral part of the lifestyle in the Bannerman household and their level of environmental awareness has translated to using energy efficient light bulbs, time restrictions in the shower and green shopping bags.
The Bannerman family also attended a Make an Impact workshop together to engage in the educational experience and learn further energy saving tips.
Sue said: “The Make an Impact workshop was interesting and fun for the kids, they enjoyed the interactive activities and were engrossed by Captain Clean-Up and his simple message to reduce our carbon footprint.  It’s great to be an employee at a workplace that offers educational programs for the whole family.”

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