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Shane Drew - Make an Impact Hero, Mining
Shane Drew, a Maintenance Area Planner at Alcoa’s Huntly and McCoy mine sites, has been doing some home improvements to make it more energy and water efficient.

“We have recently installed 2 x 2500 litre rainwater tanks and had them connected to the laundry, toilet and bathroom at our home in Mandurah. I estimate that we maybe saving up to 300 litres of water per day during the winter months.

This was a great project for the whole family as my kids were all involved with me in installing all the gear and they could see how it was all going to work,” Shane said.

But that’s not all; Shane has ordered a 1.5KW solar power system for his home, which he hopes will be installed soon. The system should supply, on average, 50% of his household’s power consumption.

Other improvements Shane has made around the house are changing all the light bulbs over to the new compact energy saving bulbs. Shane said that he saw a notable drop in his household’s energy consumption on his subsequent power bills. But Shane doesn’t plan on stopping there.

“In the near future we will be looking at other ways of saving power and increasing the size of our renewable power generating system,” he said.

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