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Make an Impact Hero - Claude Di Prinzio, Kwinana Refinery
Claude di Prinzio, a technical manager at Alcoa’s Kwinana Refinery, has set off a chain reaction in his suburb in Perth following his involvement in Make an Impact.
“At home we have placed real importance on the saying ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ with our four kids.  Make an Impact has changed our whole way of approaching everyday activities,” said Claude.
“Water is too valuable to use only once, so we have started collecting the grey water from our washing machine, and with four children, our washing machine is the biggest water user in the house.
“The grey water collection is not automatic - it gets piped into a wheelie bin and siphoned out onto the veggie patch. For our family of six, we use about 300 kl of water a year. Our goal is to halve it.
“There is also an environmental concern that we will begin to run out of landfill, so we really need to reduce our house waste to zero.
“Our contribution is to feed wheat-based kitchen scraps to our chickens, from which we get our eggs and the manure for our compost and the garden. Other kitchen scraps go to the compost bin.
“We also aim to make our house solar passive; using the sun to warm it in winter and the sea-breeze to cool it in summer.
“By travelling to different parts of the world, we have also learnt a lot. It’s amazing how people learn to conserve when they don't have much of something,” said Claude.
Extending his environmental interest to the broader community, Claude has also developed a waste management program for his children’s primary school by introducing recycling bins, compost tumblers and a vegetable garden.
“It’s probably the biggest project that I have tackled so far but the students have been incredibly enthusiastic and it's great to spread environmental awareness even further,” he said. 
“The kids from grades one and two even grow the vegetables and sell the produce to raise funds for the school.
“They sold their first crop to the parents and made $40, and the second crop is already underway.”

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