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Make an Impact Hero – John Halford, Pinjarra Refinery
The course challenged the community to adapt to climate change and find new ways to live sustainably, by focusing on saving water and energy, and cutting waste.

John participated in the six week program, along with his wife Kerry and their 10 year-old grandson, Sebastian.

Knowing a thing or two about worm farms and cutting waste, John led a workshop for 20 participants, showing them how to make worm farms out of second hand wheelie bins and old bread crates. Sebastian was eager to join in the fun.

“The 12 worm farms we built together are now home to 12,000 well-fed worms, diverting from landfill up to 1,250 kilograms of organic waste each year. Seb had a play with the worms, but kept his gloves on,” he laughed.

The Halford family have made many changes around their home to reduce their environmental footprint.

“I’m not a radical greenie, but we found installing solar panels, growing our own veggies and opening windows instead of turning on the air-con, are all easy ways to cut our energy and water use and save money,” says John.

“We’ve reduced our power bill by one third because I now open the window to let the breeze in rather than switching on the air-conditioning. We have solar power and vegetable gardens and we’re now looking at rainwater harvesting. My wife and I found the course really worthwhile,” he said.

“Our group found 80 different ways to live more sustainably. The course showed that even making small changes, like having three minute showers, can have a big impact over time,” said Lesley Thomas, Make an Impact Coordinator.

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