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About the Toolkits
In 2010 we launched ‘Make an Impact Toolkits’ in 60 schools around our operations. It’s all part of sharing Make an Impact with the wider community – so together we can make an even bigger positive impact on the environment.

The Make an Impact Toolkits are designed to encourage the next generation to become part of the solution to climate change and think differently in our carbon constrained world.

The Toolkits contain four tools - infrared thermometer, compass, Power Mate and stopwatch - with corresponding activity worksheets to help children and their families consider ways to reduce their household water and energy use. Children are able to borrow the Toolkits from their school library.

Information for Alcoans …
You too can get involved!  If you’re an Alcoa Make an Impact member, we have 11 Toolkits available for you to borrow.  Please contact the person below, who is representing the site where you work, to arrange your two-week loan:

Western Australia - Booragoon, Peel, Huntly, Willowdale, Kwinana, Pinjarra, Wagerup
Sue Nancarrow 
Sue will forward the Toolkit to you at your site in the Alcoa internal mail. Please return the Toolkit to Sue in internal mail, within two weeks.

Victoria – Point Henry
Please contact Point Henry reception in building 001. Call 91 from internal lines or 5245 1777 from external lines.

Victoria – Portland
Lyndelle Hampshire

Victoria – Anglesea
Anthea Doran

New South Wales – Yennora
Anne Cherry

Make an Impact Toolkit Activity Worksheets
If you have borrowed the Make an Impact Toolkit from your school library, or you are an Alcoan who has a Toolkit on loan, you can download and print extra Activity Worksheets below.

Please remember to leave the Booklet within the Toolkit when you return it, to ensure it’s available for the next person.

Activity Sheet 1 - Compass
Activity Sheet 2 - Power Mate
Activity Sheet 3 - Stopwatch 
Activity Sheet 4 - Thermometer 
Make an Impact Toolkit Booklet

Steve’s Story: Make an Impact Toolkit
Steve Martinich from Portland Aluminium was the first Alcoan to borrow and test one of the Make an Impact Toolkits, describing it as a terrific initiative.

Thanks to the Power Mate tool, contained within the Toolkit, Steve was able to identify phantom power culprits that people don’t usually suspect.

Phantom power, or latent standby as it is commonly referred to, is when household appliances and electronic devices continue to use power even when they are not in use. This power can account for up to 10% of your total electricity usage but can be virtually eliminated by unplugging devices and appliances when they are not in use.

“In addition to the obvious ones like TVs , computers, modems, wireless routers,  and the microwave, I identified the phantom power culprits as halogen reading lamps, speakers, the washing machine, and the printer.

“Now that I know which electrical devices are chewing up power unnecessarily (900 KWhr for me) I have the potential to save nearly $150 per year.

“The Toolkit contained some good learning activities.  I learned that watering by hand uses about 20 litres per minute. That means that watering for 3 hours a week, for just 3 months of the year, uses a whopping 40,000 litres.

“By using the activities in the Toolkit I’ve worked out that if I cut my household water consumption to say 58,500 litres per year (80 litres per person per day) then I can save nearly $100 each year – it all adds up!

“All the savings I make in water and energy costs I can put into my superannuation, so I’m making a real longer term impact to the environment and my hip-pocket!” Steve said.

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