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Impact Tip:

There a simple and FREE changes you can make when lighting your home to reduce greenhouse emissions and save you money now. So what are you waiting for?
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Make an Impact is a program that helps you and your family reduce your household water and energy use and become part of the solution to climate change.
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Make an Impact Hero - David Yuill, Kwinana Refinery

Hot on the heels of Andrew Hibbs’ electric motorbike, Kwinana Refinery Senior Reliability Engineer, David Yuill, and his family are taking charge to be part of the solution to climate change.
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Insulate and reduce your energy costs

Windows lose energy much faster than walls, even uninsulated walls. Install effective window treatments to keep the cool air in.
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Making an Impact in Angelsea and Pinjarra

Residents in Angelsea and Pinjarra found new ways to tackle climate change this year after Alcoa and Greening Australia took the Make an Impact program out into their communities.

More than 420 people participated in the pilot program and rose to the challenge to reduce their environmental footprint and live more sustainably, by saving water and energy, and cutting waste.

Make an Impact Associate

Barwon Water in Victoria has partnered with Alcoa to Make an Impact in our communities.  

Barwon Water