Red Brush Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
Red Brush Neighborhood Citizens Advisory Commitee

Purpose and Structure

Alcoa owns significant property in Warrick County, including more than 5,000 acres surrounding the plant site. A portion of this land is being used for two major projects managed by the staff of Alcoa’s Warrick Power Plant: The Red Brush Structural Fill Project and the Red Brush West Mine.  The Red Brush Road Structural Fill Project is a construction activity using Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) at an abandoned surface mine to eliminate a dangerous high-wall on Alcoa’s property north of Red Brush Road. Due to the volume of the pit and the production capacity of CCPs, it is likely that this construction project will take many years to complete. Also, Alcoa’s Warrick Power Plant is working to develop a surface coal mine just south of Red Brush Road. Scheduled to begin in 2011, this project will be known as Red Brush Road West. Both of these projects will be managed in adherence with Alcoa’s values of environmental and community stewardship. In keeping with these values, Alcoa has established a committee of community members and Alcoa employees to provide a forum for communication between the community and Alcoa concerning the two projects.
The committee’s purpose is to act as a communication and educational vehicle between residents of the immediate area around Red Brush and Yankeetown Roads and the responsible Alcoa managers for the Warrick Power Plant and location environmental management.  The committee is not an open public forum. Committee representatives will bring any concerns or questions expressed by the local residents to the committee for discussion or further evaluation. The results of such discussion or evaluation can then be reported back to neighbors and other community members through the citizen representatives.
The committee will consist of a chairman, three representatives of the community and three representatives of Alcoa, at least one of whom has responsibility within Alcoa for this project. The chairman will conduct the meetings and be accountable to the committee for any expenditures and activities requested by the committee.
The chairman will be independent of Alcoa for the initial term of the committee (2 years). The committee will decide whether the need exists for continuation of the committee and its structure after that period.
Alcoa will appoint its representatives. Community representatives will be requested from the Warrick County Council, Anderson Township Board of Supervisors, and the Yankeetown Water Authority. Representatives will serve at the pleasure of their appointing bodies. Representation on the committee is an unpaid position, except that the chairman may be paid if not an appointed member of the committee.
The Committee will establish its meeting schedule, which shall not be less than once per calendar quarter.
The Committee will have an initial budget of $30,000 which will be used for the chairman’s stipend and any activities that the community representatives request for sampling or scientific studies related to the Red Brush Road Structural Fill project.  Alcoa will provide the funding for the initial budget and any expenditure from that budget will be administered through Alcoa’s procurement and accounting system at no cost to the Committee.
Alcoa representatives will provide a current status of the project, results of the most recent sampling of water or Coal Combustion Product’s and respond to other information requests. Meeting minutes will be kept and circulated to the members within one week of every scheduled meeting.
The initial term of the Committee was two years, beginning in 2008 and renewed for an additional two years in Feb. of 2011. 
Meeting Place
Alcoa will provide a conference room or suitable meeting location at its Warrick facility for regular Committee meetings.