2015 04 13

Warrick Operations
2015 Alcoa Foundation Grant Process 

The Alcoa Foundation has made significant investments through Warrick Operations, and this tradition will continue with new grants that will bring measurable results in the Evansville area.

At Alcoa, sustainability is an integral part of our culture and our core strategy, including how we work with the community. We share a “mutual sustainability” with our community to build economic success, environmental excellence and social responsibility.


We approach Alcoa Foundation grant-making as an investment – an opportunity to address both community and business needs. The Alcoa Foundation has two specific theme areas of the environment and education. 

The priority focus areas include:

Bring about meaningful and systemic improvements in environmental sustainability through support for research, dialogue, standards and actions around the following areas of focus:


1) Sustainable Design

a) Number of solutions to be promoted or created for building design

b) Number of solutions to be promoted or created for transportation

c) Number of solutions to be promoted of created for other Alcoa markets.

d) Number of communities to be impacted

2) Environmental Literacy

a) Number of individuals to be trained to support environmental initiatives

b) Number of teachers to be trained to support environmental initiatives

c) Number of environmental initiatives to be created

d) Number of communities to be impacted

3) Natural Capital

a) Number of acres of land to be preserved or restored

b) Number of species (flora and fauna) to be protected

c) Number of trees to be planted

d) Number of bodies of water to be improved, restored or protected.

e) Expected reduction of C02 in tons

f) Expected reduction in energy use in kwh

g) Tons of aluminum to be recycled

h) Tons of non-aluminum materials to be recycled

i) Number of communities to be impacted

4) Standards Leadership

a) Number of standards to be developed

b) Number of organizations expected to sign on to adopt those standards

c) Number of countries expected to sign on to adopt those standards.


Invest in educational and training endeavors where Alcoa, as a mining, manufacturing and innovation company can offer our expertise and make a difference, specifically in these areas of focus:


1) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

a) Number of students who will complete STEM-related training

b) Number of teachers, guidance counselors or school administrators who will be trained to provide STEM education or promote STEM-capable careers.

c) Number of schools to be impacted

2) Workforce Development

a) Number of students who will pursue training or education towards manufacturing careers (i.e., in skilled trades, maintenance, operations)

b) Number of students who will pursue training or education toward engineering careers.

c) Number of individuals who will secure employment or improve their employability in manufacturing careers.

d) Number of individuals who will secure employment or improve their employability in engineering careers.

3) General Education

a) Number of students who will participate in programs designed to improve academic performance or skills.

4) General job readiness

a) Number of individuals who will complete training designed to improve their general employment status.


Giving Strategy at Warrick Operations
Alcoa Foundation giving at Warrick Operations intends to focus on lifelong learning to promote a diverse, skilled workforce with an emphasis on math and science. We intend to build a more sustainable community through projects that educate, reduce waste, conserve energy or protect natural systems.


At Warrick Operations, emphasis is placed on projects that address the cause, not the symptom. We want to extend the reach of our resources to create enduring, positive change.
Potential Alcoa Foundation partners
In making investments, the Alcoa Foundation looks to partner with nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated a track record of success, with a strong, respected staff and a high level of organizational credibility.

We will look to invest in projects that can produce measurable, long-term results. We also want projects that can be effectively implemented and continued without Alcoa Foundation funding.
We seek projects that can be shared with other organizations looking to produce similar results. Also, we seek projects that demonstrate commitment to the inclusion of diverse and/or under-represented populations.
How to apply for Alcoa Foundation from Warrick Operations:
• Before you apply, please review the Alcoa Foundation’s 2014 Guidelines and visit www.alcoa.com/foundation to learn more. (A PDF document that describes the 2015 guidelines is linked on the right-hand side of this web page.)
•  The Foundation is permitted to fund only 501(c)(3) public charities, governmental entities or educational institutions listed in the Higher Education Directory. A 501(c)(3) designation is made by the IRS to describe various tax-exempt organizations.
• Organizations that wish to be considered for a 2015 Alcoa Foundation grant must complete a concept paper, which includes some essential questions that will be used for an initial review with the plant’s management and Alcoa Warrick Operations’ Community Advisory Board. (The draft application – a Microsoft Word document - is linked on the right-hand side of the Web page for applicants to download and complete.) This document should be used as your worksheet. You should keep this document on file at your location, as it'll be your copy because the data will be entered into an online system. Paper copies of the concept paper will not be accepted.


• Once you’ve completed the Microsoft Word worksheet, paste the answers to each of the questions into an online form at the link established to accept 2015 Concept Papers. Those selected to progress to the next stage in the application project will be asked to submit a project budget and complete a more thorough application. Please keep in mind: A minimum Alcoa Foundation investment is $15,000.


• No hard-copy applications or concept papers will be accepted or required. Questions about the process can be directed to the attention of Jim Beck, Communications and Public Affairs Manager; P.O. Box 10, Newburgh, IN 47629-0010.

May 8: No concept papers will be accepted via the online link after 5 p.m. on Friday, May 8.

• By June 25: The Warrick Operations Community Advisory Board and plant management will review applications and decide on potential Alcoa Foundation partners. Those potential grant partners and other applicants will be notified by this date. Those selected for potential Alcoa Foundation funding will complete a more thorough application, which will be submitted via another online system.

• July 31: Deadline for selected applicants to submit final, complete application to the Alcoa Foundation’s online system for approval.

Q4 of 2015: The 2013 Alcoa Foundation grant recipients will be announced at a public event with Alcoa’s management.


It’s important to note that while Warrick Operations will consider unsolicited requests, an open application process means the management at the facility will be saying “no” more than “yes.”   

As you contemplate the preliminary stage in a multi-step application process, you may benefit by visiting
 www.alcoa.com/sustainability to learn more about our corporation’s strategic goals.
- Individuals
- Organizations and programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
- Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of one religious group
- Religious programs
- Endowment funds, development campaigns, or funds directed towards deficit reduction or operating reserves
- Fundraising events or sponsorships (walk/runs, golf tournaments, sports teams, tickets, tables, benefits, raffles, souvenir programs, advertising, dinners, etc.)
- Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one-day events - unless they are part of an approved program activity
- Documentaries, videos or research projects/programs
- Indirect or overhead costs
- Private foundations
- Trust funds

Alcoa Foundation Guidelines

Download and link to resource materials that will assist you in applying for funding to the Alcoa Foundation through Warrick Operations

Alcoa Foundation Web site

2015 Alcoa Foundation Guidelines  

2015 Concept Paper - Application Template


2015 Online Concept Paper - Submission