January 1986Training & production of wax patterns began in the temporary Prater building facility.

July 1986Moved into new 56,000 square foot building on 25 acres in Morristown Airport Industrial District.

July 1986Ceramic Core production began in Morristown.

September 1987Metal finishing began in Morristown, with a 24,000 sq. ft. expansion completed in May 1988

February 1989Hampton wax production started.

October 1992Transfer of all ceramic silica product ceramic core production to Morristown, with Morristown becoming the sole internal source for silica ceramic cores to the casting plants.

June-1993Wax pattern and metal finishing operations moved to a lead building in the Airport Industrial District.

May 1994AC1200 Process transferred from Howmet Ceramic Products.

December 1994Wax pattern and metal finishing operations returned to casting plants and HCS Plant 2 Closed.

July 1996AC 1200 Tunnel kiln installed.

February 1997Core Technology Center established in Morristown.

August 1998Compound, setter manufacturing, & receiving relocated within the facility. The start-up of Poured Core process and associated with tunnel kiln. A 31,000 sq. ft. expansion.

September 2001Kiln 14—10,500 sq. ft. expansion.

March 2005Injected core production begins.