January 10, 2012 


The Department of Ecology has invited the public to comment on the proposed Agreed Order covering additional work that is part of the overall clean-up strategy for the Longview site.  This Agreed Order requires the completion of a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) for the site, and replaces a 2007 Agreed Order issued to Northwest Alloys and former Longview operator, Chinook Ventures.   Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview, LLC (MBTL) is a party to this proposed Order.  The Order requires investigation and sampling of 10 new areas on the site and establishes an enforceable schedule to complete the RI/FS for the site.  Northwest Alloys and MBTL expect to deliver the draft RI/FS to Ecology for review by late March 2012.