Alcoa, the leader in Spain and worldwide in the aluminum sector, has obtained a workplace accident incident ratio (LWD ratio) that is in Spain more than 100 times lower than the average of the industrial and metallurgical sectors to which it belongs. The workplace incident index of Alcoa in Spain, which is always lower than the industrial and metallurgical sectors, has been reduced more than 8 times in the past five years.

The leadership of the Alcoa centers in Spain in job health and safety is recognized publicly by employees and experts. Thus, in 2002 Alcoa in Spain received the PREVER award, which is awarded by the General Council of Professional Associations of University Graduates in Industrial Relations, in recognition of the efforts that Alcoa has made in favor of the Prevention of Job Risks, and in 2001 it obtained the National Job Health and Safety Award, which is awarded by the National Benefits Association.

Alcoa considers that its achievements in workplace health and safety are its most important indicator of global leadership. However, although these are outstanding, it feels that these achievements are not sufficient for reaching its goal: zero workplace accidents, zero effect on health and zero impact on the environment. The global ratio of Alcoa is one accident for each 1.25 million hours worked.

This success is due to the strong commitment of Alcoa to the health and safety of our employees, but the key to the success is the personal involvement of each employee, making this commitment his own. The goal of Alcoa is for its employees to return to their homes, after each work shift, in the same condition of health that they had when they arrived at work.

In Spain, Alcoa has 5,000 employees and 13 plants that product aluminum oxide, primary aluminum, rolled products, extruded products and plastic bottle caps.