San Ciprián Smelter
Located between the Cervo and Xove municipalities, the San Ciprián facility contains an alumina plant and a primary aluminum operation.  The alumina refinery produces metal grade alumina, calcined alumina and hydrate from bauxite.  The ore arrives at the San Ciprian harbor from the Alcoa mines in Guiney Conakry and Brazil. The aluminium oxide is used for the production of primary aluminum and chemical aluminum oxides for the ceramics and chemistry sectors.  The smelter produces ingots for casting, billets for extrusion and sheets for rolling.
Alcoa San Ciprian has been the principal economic and social engine of La Mariña, the North of Lugo province, and it has contributed to the increase in per capita income. It has been estimated that around 30 % of the Lugo province GDP is generated by Alcoa San Ciprián.

Start-up: October 1981

Production:  calcinated alumina, special alumina and hydrate; ingots, billets and sheets

Number of employees: Nearly 1,300 direct Alcoa employees and 600 contractors.

Production capacity: 1,450,000 MT/year of aluminum oxide and 250,000 MT/year of primary aluminium

Port facilities: Alcoa port

Certifications :  ISO 9002:1994, ISO 14001:1996.
Economic spin-offs for La Mariña region: $89 million in salaries in 2006  for Alcoa employees +  $36 million in contractors’ salaries. $16 million taxes paid in 2006.