The production plants of aluminum oxide and aluminum in San Ciprián comprise the largest industrial complex of Alcoa in Spain and have been the principal economic and social engine of La Mariña (Lugo) since these were inaugurated by the Kings of Spain 20 years ago.

Currently, the center directly employs 1,500 people and generates 600 more jobs in subsidiary businesses, not counting the services and the entire economic and social framework that it generates in the surrounding area. San Ciprián has one of the highest per capita incomes of Galicia.

The industrial complex produces 1,300,000 metric tons of aluminum oxide and 250,000 metric tons of primary aluminum as ingots for casting, billets for extrusion and sheets for lamination.

The production of aluminum oxide is used for the production of primary aluminum and chemical aluminum oxides for the ceramics and chemistry sectors, while the production of primary aluminum is basically supplied to Alcoa plants of intermediate products in Spain and in other European countries, as well as to other clients mainly from our continent and from Asia.

The aluminum in vehicles, airplanes, buildings, aluminum containers of any product that we see with the most prestigious trademarks that are manufactured in any part of the world may have been cast for the first time in San Ciprián.

The port stands out from the common installations of the industrial complex. Ninety-two percent (92%) of the merchandise for import and export pass through Alcoa’s port in San Ciprián, which is the second in Galicia for volume of merchandise.