Aviles Smelter

Alcoa Avilés is located in the Asturias region of Spain. The factory includes a smelter plant and recycling furnaces that produce a total of 145,000 metric tons of aluminum ingots for casting and billets for extrusion. The location has 413 direct Alcoa employees and approximately 80 contractors. The location’s aluminum recycling facility smelts painted and lacquered aluminum scrap, with a remelting capacity of 46,000 tm/year.
In 2004, the Avilés plant won the Asturias Managerial Quality Award in recognition of its consolidated quality management system that assures compliance with all customer requests, and the plant’s regular use of different quality management tools intended for continuous improvement.  The Asturias Award for Managerial Quality addresses Asturias companies that have applied a quality system, valuing its concordance with the international ISO 9000 norms, the application of advanced quality techniques, adopting of the European Model of Excellence or other Total Quality models, and exhibits exemplary character to guide other companies.

Aviles is home to the head office of Primary Europe, with operations in The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Start-up: 1958
Production: billets, ingots
Number of employees: 413 direct and 80 contractors
Production capacity: 145,000 tons
Port facility: Avilés harbor
Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 with the technical specification ISO/TS16949:2002, and ISO 14001:1996
Economic spin-offs for Asturias: US$ 28 million in salaries to direct employees.
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