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Alcoa in Amorebieta

Alcoa's Amorebieta facility produces quality aluminium coil for the high value-added products made by other Alcoa plants, such as bright products and litho, which require extremely pure aluminium.

Amorebieta also produces sheets and coil-sheets for construction, tread plate sheets and coils for flooring and motor vehicles, and foil for food, insulation, medicine, fittings, lamps, capsules, etc.

The Amorebieta plant is characterised by integrated automation of all the operating processes, improving both the quality of the products and the safety of the people who work here. Heat rolling machinery in this plant is exceptional and, in fact, the most productive of its type in the world. It rolls very large ingots with capacity for 250,000 tonnes a year with maximum width of 1,770 millimetres and of between 4 and 10 millimetres in thickness.

The plant also has two cold rollers, one for roughing and the other for finishing. It has a cut-in-length line for thickness between 1 and 6 millimetres and widths of between 700 and 1,800 millimetres with maximum lengths of 6,000 millimetres.
At A Glance

Crta. San Sebastian-Bilbao
Km 89,7
Amorebieta (Vizcaya)

phone: 34944887500

Location Type
Fabricated Aluminum Products
ISO 14001 Certified

  • Aluminum rolled products: sheet and coil for special
  • architectural and other