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Alcoa in Alicante

Alcoa's Alicante plant is the main European facility for the manufacture of lustrous products and certain high-quality special products.
Alcoa's Alicante plant manufactures rolled aluminum products and specializes in lithographic plates for the printing sector, fine sheets for bottling and packaging, metallic bottlecaps and lustrous products for cosmetics and decoration. A considerable part of its production is destined toward exportation, mainly to European and Asian countries. The plant also features continous-pour casting to reutilize scrap metal and has a production capacity of 60,000 tons of product a year.
A considerable part of the plant's production is exported to Europe and Asia. The plant is equipped with continous-pour casting to reutilize scrap metal.
At A Glance

Avenida de Elche, 109
Alicante 03008

phone: 34965989500

Location Type
Fabricated Aluminum Products
ISO 14001 Certified

  • Aluminum rolled products
  • bright products for cosmetics and decoration
  • metal bottle caps
  • lithographic sheet
  • fine sheet for packaging