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Alcoa Mosjoen is a primary aluminium smelter with a production capacity of 188,000 mtpy. We operate two product lines: Rolling ingots and foundry alloys. In total 430 employees are working in 5 shift operation, 7 days per week, all year long. In addition, approx. 110 contractors work at the facility.

The smelter in Mosjøen started production in 1958. It was then owned by Elektrokjemisk AS (Elkem Aluminium) and AluSwiss. In 1963, Alcoa became part owner in the venture, taking 50% ownership of the facility. Elkem remained the operating partner until 2009, when Alcoa acquired the remaining ownership shares from Orkla, and consequently established the Alcoa Norway entity, that also comprises the Alcoa Lista smelter. One of the two smelting lines was converted from the Søderberg technology to the Prebake technology towards the end of the 1980s. A modernization of the remaining cells and the installation of 72 new cells in the second line were completed in 2003. In 2006, the construction of a new anode factory at the facility was completed. The anode plant supplies the smelters in Mosjøen and Fjardaal, Iceland, with anodes.
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P.O. Box 750
Mosjøen NO-8654

phone: 4775179100

Location Type
Primary Aluminum

Primary Aluminium: Extrusion slabs – Foundry alloys

Primary Aluminum available from Mosjoen

  • Extrusion slabs
  • Foundry alloys

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