Mosjoen Casthouse
The casthouse in Mosjøen produces rolling ingots and foundry ingots for such diverse markets as automotive, food and beverage, ship andbuilding and construction. The applications are equally diverse; aluminium products from Mosjøen have been used in winglets, suspensions, wheels, can ends, auto body sheets, auto heat exchangers, machine components for sophisticated moulds for casting screens to diaper packing machines and anodized plates. 40 % of all can lids produced in Europe used to contain aluminium from Mosjøen.

We produce around 120,000 tons of rolling ingots. They may be delivered from 2,1000 up to 9,000 mm in length, 2,930 mm in width and 610 thickness mm. Our world record rolling ingot had a weight of 43 tons and is the largest commercially known aluminium ingot of its kind. The casthouse is able to produce ingots in alloys 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx and 5xxx. Mosjøen has been specializing on high magnesium alloys (above 2.5%), but are now more diversified, as are the products.

We produce 180 parallel vertical cast foundry ingot bars in a hot top casting process. The dimensions are 88 x 88 mm. These 9,000 mm long logs are then cut into 620 to 1030 mm long ingots and stacked into bundles, all based on customer needs.

Our alloy range is from AlSi 7 to AlSi13 with Mg, Ti, Mn and Sr (on request).

Chemical elements in the alloys above are; Al = Aluminium, Si = Silicon, Mg = Magnesium, Ti = Titanium, Mn = Manganese, and Sr = Strontium.

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Ingot bundles