Mosjoen Casthouse
120,000 mt of rolling ingots are produced for rolling and other use.
Length can be up to 9,000 mm - width 2,930 mm - thickness 610 mm. Our World Record rolling ingot had a weight of 43 mt.

Vertical cast ingots, 180 parallel cast pieces

We produce in hot top casting process 180 parallel cast ingot bars. Dimension is 88x88 mm.

These 9,000 mm long bars then will be cut into 708 mm long ingots and stacked into 1,015 kg bundles. Other length as per your request.

Our alloy range is from AlSi 7 to AlSi13 with Mg, Ti, Mn and Sr (on request).

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Measurement of Hydrogen in liquid Aluminium

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Ingot bundles