Our Logistic Chain
Most of our Aluminium is shipped via vessels from Lista and Mosjoen once per week to our logistic hub in Moerdijk, close to Rotterdam, NL.

From there, trucks deliver the billets, rolling ingots or foundry alloys just in time to our customers. Alternative also transport by rail or barge is possible.

For Nordic customers we deliver direct from our plants.

Lista quayside

Most of our produced aluminium is sent by vessel to Moerdijk, NL, a port close to Rotterdam. From there the aluminium will be sent by truck, rail or ship to our customer.

Several thousand tons Aluminium can be stored in our warehouse, ready to get shipped just-in-time direct to our customers.

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The Journey Lista, NO to Moerdijk, NL

765 km - 40 hours

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Truck loading Moerdijk

The Aluminium billets need to get safely fixed on the truck.