Commercial and Industrial

Application/Market Items

Automotive material Piston material for car compressor(4032, AP2, C278)

Automotive Brake parts, Air conditioner valve parts

Automotive Airbag material, ABS Housing part

High strength Tent Pole material 6061, 7075, 7001, 7xxx alloy

Wheel chair & Medical Equipment material

Automobile, Sports & Leisure, Electric & Electronics Forging stock

Raw material for FA M/C

Raw material for Industrial use

Electric & Electronic parts Connector for Telecommunication

Copier/FAX Drum, VCR Drum material

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Piston material for car compressor
Alloys : 4032, AP2, C278

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Extruded & Drawn Bars for Automotive parts
Alloys : 2011, 6061, 6262

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Material for Antilock Brake System
Alloys : 6061, 6082

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Airbag material for automobile
Alloys : 6082