History of Howmet Japan

1951     Komatsu Ltd initiate investigation into precision casting
1962     Howe Sound Corporation grant a Precision Casting license
            to Komatsu Ltd.
            Precision castings produced for Komatsu's first customer,
1965     Howe Sound Corp. company name changed to "Howmet".
1972     "Komatsu-Howmet Ltd" (KHL) founded in Osaka as
            a 50/50 joint venture between Howmet and
1976     KHL begin exporting products to Solar Turbines in USA.
1977     KHL begin producing aluminum castings for aircraft.
1979     PWA (USA) and PWC (Canada) approve Komatsu-Howmet
            as a certified supplier. 
1983     Large vacuum furnace, suitable for large Industrial Gas
            Turbine (IGT) parts, installed.
1984     Fine Grain Casting technology transferred to KHL from
1985     DS/SC Casting Technology transferred to KHL from
1992     New plant constructed in town of Terai.
1995     Phase II of Terai Plant construction completed.
            Head Office and all production transferred from Osaka
            to Terai Plant.
1998     Howmet increase capital ownership to 81%.
            Awarded ISO9002 : 1994 certification
2000     Howmet assume 100% ownership.
            Company name changed to "Howmet Japan Ltd"
            Phase III of Terai Plant construction completed. Now 3
            times original size.
            Alcoa Inc. acquires Howmet.
2002     Awarded ISO9001:2000 certification
2003     Awarded ISO14001:1996 certification
2005     AS9100 Rev B certification

Origin of company name "Howmet"
Composed of "How" (Howe Sound Corp.) & "Met" ("metals know-how")