Employment Information

There are great opportunities at Howmet Japan for keen, proactive engineers.

We encourage our employees to continue training to enhance their careers.
  1. Product Engineer
    • Develop new products
    • Improve quality & reduce costs of existing products
    • Conduct technical discussions with customers
  2. Process Engineer
    • Investigate problems in all production areas, improve production techniques
    • Improve quality & capabilities of production line
  3. Layout Engineer
    • Measure, identify, and control digital 3-D quality/dimensional data for each product
    • Design software
    • Operate, control CMM/CAD etc
  4. Plant Engineer
    • Select, install plant equipment and machinery
    • Maintain, improve equipment
    • Implement EHS measures thoughout plant
  5. QA Engineer
    • Analyze technical claims from customers in Quality Assurance Department.
    • Plan and implement QA improvements
    • Deal directly with customer regarding QA issues

    1. College/ University graduate with a degree in science or engineering.
    2. Major in metallurgy, materials, mechanical engineering, information technology, or chemistry.
    3. Fluency in both Japanese and English would be an advantage.
      (TOEIC score of at least 600 for non-native English speakers)
Working Conditions
WORKING HOURS8.00am to 4.45pm
HOLIDAYSSaturday, Sunday
Annual 125 days including Saturday, Sunday.
LOCATION 61-1 Nishi Ao, Nomi city, Ishikawa, 923-1101, Japan