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In June 2005, Howmet Japan Ltd. acquired the AS9100 Certification, which is the international quality management standard in aerospace industry. In addition to ISO 9001 requirements, AS9100 requires elements unique to aerospace products such as reliability, performance and safety. It is also acknowledged as the global quality standards among the major aerospace manufactures as GE and Rolls Royce, and their business partners are being selected from AS9100 certified suppliers. With the AS9100 Certification, Howmet Japan Ltd. will contribute to provide quality products and service to ever growing aerospace industry.

Howmet Japan produces components for gas turbines covering a wide range of applications, the predominant use being power generation.

Howmet Japan is committed to providing a quality of service and product that consistently meet our customers' expectations.

Howmet is the world's largest manufacturer of precision investment castings, utlizing nickel and cobalt based super-alloys and titanium for aircraft and industrial turbine applications.

Howmet Corporation became part of Alcoa in 2000 and belongs to the units of Alcoa Power and Propulsion.
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Nomi City
61-1 Nishi Ao
Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1101

phone: (81)-761-58-6667

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Engineered Solutions

  • Castings/Forgings
  • Aerospace Components

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