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Welcome to Alcoa Portovesme


The purpose of this site is to keep you up to date with developments at Alcoa Portovesme.
On the Italian island of Sardinia, Alcoa owns the Portovesme location. Designed and established at the end of the 1960s, this smelter is located in the middle of one the main non-ferrous metallurgy complexes in Italy. The Portovesme plant started operations in 1973 as a state owned operation and became part of Alcoa in 1996.


In January 2012, Alcoa announced the intention to curtail operations at the Portovesme smelter. We have worked closely with our employees, unions and external stakeholders throughout the process to consider and address their concerns. Click here to find all relevant formal communications around the curtailment process.


The curtailment process at Portovesme concluded at the end of 2012 and our employees entered into CIGS (Italian social support system) as of 1st January 2013. The facility is being maintained by Alcoa through July 2014.


Since the announcement of the closure, Alcoa has worked hard to mitigate the impact of the curtailment on the highly-skilled Portovesme workforce by providing a social support program. We  are also starting up community support activities and, although the plant is currently kept in restart condition, we are carrying out remediation works. During the course of our continued ownership of the Alcoa Portovesme location, we will use this website to inform and update on the progress and further development of the Portovesme site.