August 30, 2005

World Youth Day 2005

From the 11th to 21st of August the average age of people living in the Düsseldorf and Cologne region (Germany) probably went down quite a bit. Because in that period the cities staged the 'World Youth Days 2005'. Thousands of young people from all over the world gathered to learn about each others cultures, believes, religions and important issues like the fight against HIV / Aids and 'taking responsibility'. As from the beginning of the organisation of this global event, the German aluminium industry (represented by the national German aluminium Association 'GDA') decided to team up with one of the leading scouting organisations (and one of the organisers of the German edition of the World Youth Days), DPSG, to support this event.

Creating awareness with young people
The German aluminium industry provided aluminium and a design for a special aluminium lantern which was used to transport the 'Light of Bethlehem' (a 'peace light') to Pope Benedict XVI who was in Cologne on Friday the 19th. Furthermore the industry was present both in Cologne and in Düsseldorf with special tents in which visitors could see exhibitions on our industry, products and values and could meet with and learn from trainees of German aluminium plants. Representatives of the aluminium industry also participated in workshops on 'taking responsibility', 'HIV / Aids', 'values in action' etcetera. German Aluminium plants (and amongst them also Alcoa Fastening System Kelkheim) also participated in a special 24hrs. action and worked together with local scouting groups in their regions to do good in their communities. The aluminium industry was the only industry very visibly present at the World Youth Days and through its participation in these aspects of the Days was able to reach several thousands of young people who have been made aware of our industry's committment to sustainable development, intelligent products and solutions, the challenges of our industry and the kind of positions we have available in our plants for young, motivated people.

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