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Size-on-size Studs

Size-on-size studs are similar to ring locked studs except that both threads have the same nominal diameter though the thread pitch may differ. This feature allows the stud to be installed into minimum size bosses. The captivated lockring provides a positive lock against rotation, transferring high torque loads from the stud to the base materials while the stud threads resists tension loads.

The standard lockring self-broaches its way into most base materials, while studs with special rings are available to penetrate harder materials of up to 40 HRC. Parts are available in alloy steel, a variety of corrosion-resistant steels and Titanium, with various finish options. Size-on-size studs range in size from 0.164 to 0.375 (inch) and 5 to 12 (millimeter) and are covered by “AS” and “DIN” standards.

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Size-on-size Alloy-Steel Studs

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