August 17, 2012

Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) Aichach attains “Known Consignor” status in Germany

AFS Aichach has been certified by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt LBA, German Federal Aviation Office, as Known Consignor, and is registered under DE/KC/00107-0170217 in the European Regulated Agents and Known Consignors Database (RAKCD). The status of "Known Consignor" is a safety and quality label which demonstrates that the company’s security infrastructure and airfreight-relevant procedures meet high security regulations, and standards sufficient to allow carriage of cargo on any aircraft. These criteria are defined in Regulation (EC) 300/2008.

The objective is to protect passengers, aircrew, airport personnel, and the public from acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation. The security controls applied to all air cargo are designed to provide reasonable assurance that it does not contain unauthorized weapons, explosives or other prohibited articles, which may be used to commit an act of unlawful interference against the security of civil aviation.

AFS Aichach’ certification as Known Consignor provides the following added advantages to its customers: the dispatch process of airfreight, from the sender up to the carrier, can be considerably simplified and accelerated; speedier processing of shipments through the security controls applied by freight forwarders and airlines; less cost associated with screening of air cargo; and greater security for shipments.

The Known Consignor status is another goal AFS Aichach has reached in its endeavor to continuously improve and optimize its customer service, and safety standards, for supplies within the international Aerospace business.