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Located in Qinhuangdao city, Alcoa Bohai Aluminum Industries Company Limited was established on Sept 13, 2005, covering an area of 486, 000 square meters. Alcoa’s investment in Alcoa Bohai was the largest foreign investment in the Chinese aluminum industry.

With the facility of a 1+3 hot mill line from the United Statesman cold mill from VAI plus a series of finishing equipment, Alcoa Bohai now has the capability to produce a variety of high grade aluminum sheet products, such as can sheet, electronics and industrial sheet, and transportation plates, etc. Alcoa Bohai's quality management system has been certified by BSI to be in accordance with the ISO9000:2000 standard.
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Alcoa Bohai Procurement: +86 0335 5302802
Alcoa Bohai Administration: +86 0335 5302820、+86 0335 5302850

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September 11, 2014 Alcoa Signs Multiyear Supply Contract with Boeing Valued at More Than $1 Billion

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