R & D Innovation


Provide good machinability and anodizing response through CFRB

Deployed the Alcoa best practices in 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx alloy to get good machinability and anodizing response in customer finished goods through CFRB (Cold Finished Rod and Bar).




Contribute to low lead and lead free alloy market for replacing leaded alloy

Low lead alloy A278, C23B, and 6042 for C278, 2011, and 6262 and Lead free alloy 6020 alloy.




High strength 6xxx series alloy for better finish, good performance

New 6013, H0682 alloy for minimum 20% higher strength than 6061 and 6082 alloy, with better machinability and anodizing response.





Aluminum ring and cogging bar

Better structure and mechanical properties in the large diameter cogging bar, greater than 8" OD and fully stress relieved aluminum ring up to 2.7m OD through BIG billet (28" OD).



Big billet for forging stock capability

Provide forging stock billet for large product that was performed ULTRASONIC test in accordance with ASTM B594 and AMS STD 2154 and controlled HYDROGEN gas (H2) level by less than 0.10 cc/100 g up to 28" diameter.