May 18, 2007

Jamalco and Clarendon Health Department Host Health Fair for Longwood Community

Jamalco and the Clarendon Health Department provided health care and counseling services to over 100 persons at a recent health fair in Longwood, Clarendon.

The health fair, held at the Longwood Basic School, is part of the bauxite and alumina company’s wellness programme and is one of four planned by the company this year.

“I’m glad that Jamalco is offering this free,” said one resident as she joined children from the basic school, their parents and other residents at the fair.

“I wanted to visit the doctor but had no money.”

Five nurses from Jamalco’s Medical Department checked the residents’ blood pressure and blood sugar, and provided basic eye screening and nutritional counseling; while company doctor Dr. Leroy Hayman gave health care to 28 persons.

The Clarendon Health Department provided HIV counseling and testing, and also registered persons with chronic illnesses with the National Health Fund (NHF) so they can receive assistance with their medication.

“These services were exactly what the community needed,” said Assistant Health Educator at Clarendon Health, Ann-Marie Graham.  “The Health Department is always ready to participate in health fairs organized by Jamalco.”

The health team referred 29 persons to the Lions Club of May Pen for further vision testing; tested 35 persons for HIV; and registered 12 persons with the National Health Fund.  Some seventy persons participated in the health education and counseling sessions.

Jamalco also presented the basic school with learning aids, including crayons, paints and puzzles, while the company’s security department donated a flag to the institution.

health checks for kids at Longwood Basic School

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Nurse Theresa Hyman from Jamalco carries out health checks on students at Longwood Basic School.