January 13, 2012

MER Team Keeps Mustard Seed Communities Mobile

A Toyota Hiace mini bus belonging to the Mustard Seed Communities recently received an extensive overhaul. The repair work was carried out by members of the Mobile Equipment Repairs (MER) team. The cost of the work done is valued at JA$120,000.00.

The engine of the bus was overhauled and all other systems including the transmission, suspensions and lighting systems were thoroughly serviced. Additionally, the wiper blades were changed and the interior of the mini bus was completely reconditioned.

Powerhouse and Extraction Manager Richard Russell explained that the MER team was willing and ready to do the repairs when the company was approached to lend mechanical and automotive skills to repair the vehicle. “The team not only felt that they would be adding value to the vehicle but that they would be contributing to a worthy cause,” Richard said.  

Acting Administrator Ann-Marie Parker said the entire Mustard Seed Communities is pleased with the excellent job done and they are highly
appreciative of the kind work. “We are particularly pleased that there are still organizations like yours that are still committed to the welfare of the less fortunate in spite of all the present challenges,” she said. 

Ms Parker added that the bus is important to operations of the company as it is used to transport the children to the hospital and to school. She also noted that the money that would have used to repair the vehicle can now be used to purchase food and medication for the children in their care.

She expressed special thanks to Powerhouse and Extraction Manager Richard Russell and Corporate Services Manager Leo Lambert, members of the MER team; Errol Bucknal, Leroy Morris, Josiah Samuels, Tyrone Cummings Bryan Layton, Sheldon Edwards for agreeing to undertake the work.

The Mustard Seed Communities which relies mainly on donations is a non-profit organization which has as its major focus the care of abandoned mentally and physically disabled children, children afflicted with HIV/AIDS and pregnant teens.

Jamalco MER team members who worked on the bus.

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Jamalco MER team members who worked on the bus.