March 1, 2012

31 Employees Honoured at Jamalco’s Milestone Awards

The hard work and commitment of 31 employees who have served Jamalco for periods of ten to forty years were recognized at the company’s annual Milestone Awards ceremony at the Pegasus Hotel recently. Of the 31 employees, six were acknowledged for completing 40 years with the company.

Managing Director, Jerome Maxwell congratulated the honorees noting that the time they have given the company which translates to a combined 770 years is remarkable by any index. “You are icons in your own right; and Jamalco and Alcoa are the better for your service. I urge you to continue to radiate the passion for your work, that for us, is such a source of pride,” he said.
Continuing Mr. Maxwell said, “Your dedication illustrates how employers and employees can develop an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship that can withstand the good as well as the bad times. For those who have been around for 30 years and more, you would have witnessed firsthand the evolution of our company. You have witnessed the good times and the bad times and so, now more than ever, your leadership and experience are vital to our success.”
Guest Speaker Mrs. Constance Hall who is an Actuary and Principal of Eckler Consultant and Actuaries encouraged the employees to take a serious interest in their retirement plans. “It is not okay to wait until you reach 40 or 45 to start planning for your retirement. Planning should begin on day one of work and you should start off by deciding when (at what age) you want to retire. As you spend the long years in a company, you need to take charge of your retirement and work hard at saving as much as you can.”
Of the 31 employees who received long service accolade, four have been with the company for over 10 years and one has amassed 15 years of service. Seven awardees have been on the payroll for 20 years and 11 have been working for the company for 25 years. A further two have done 30 years and six have completed a fantastic 40 years.
The employees who received milestone awards for over 40 years of service are Robert Allen, Sullivan Geddes, Harry Hawthorne, George Wallas, Beresford Sherman and Emil Foster.
Contractor Management Administrator Herbert Campbell received an award for 30 years. “This is the first and only place I’ve ever worked and I am greatly appreciative of this recognition. To receive an award that shows just how much our contribution is valued is a fantastic feeling and will be always treasured.
Electrical Instrument Consultant Beresford Sherman who responded on behalf of the recipients commended them for the time they have given to Jamalco. He charged them to continue to use their experience to develop the company and to ensure that some of the knowledge is imparted to the younger team members. 
The elegant affair was also interspersed with lively entertainment from Harold Davis and Friends and Nurse Sophia Smith-Douglas.
The honouring ceremony was also graced by the presence of an array of managers, superintendents, colleagues and spouses of the honorees.

Jamalco Honourees at the Reception.

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Employees who were honoured and recognized for their long and committed service to Jamalco.