April 20, 2012

Greenworks Recycling Project Launched at Jamalco

Jamalco employees are gearing up for the Greenworks project where they will recycle plastic bottles and paper from April 21 to June 21.

During the period Jamalcoans will unite with Alcoans across the world to “green” their communities, generate awareness for Alcoa’s environmental programmes and celebrate Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) and World Environment Day (Tuesday, June 5). At Jamalco Greenworks will build on a recycling effort started by Claudette Harris and the Information Systems team. The plan is that Jamalco employees, starting with those in office buildings at all locations, will place PET (clear or coloured) bottles, HDPE (white) bottles and shredded paper in three separate containers.Managing Director Jerome Maxwell in commenting on the project is urging all office staff to participate in what is phase one of the project. ‘This is the beginning of a programme to eventually recycle and/or reuse all that we can at Jamalco so that we will do our part to protect our environment for the future benefit of our children. In the second phase of the project all other departments will participate as other waste material will be recycled with the long term plan being to close the Jamalco landfill. EHS Manager George Morgan is pleased at the initial steps being taken. “I am urging everyone to get on board and do their part. Every bottle or piece of paper that you recycle will help to ensure that we protect the environment for our children and help to achieve our 5 year goal of closing the landfill.”Special recycling corners are being established in offices across the location and will be equipped with two bins/containers to collect the two types of bottles. The paper should be shredded and placed in the transparent bags.The Janitors will then collect the material at regular intervals in transparent bags and the bottles will then be transported to Jamaica Environment Trust or Protect the Environment Trust and the paper to Hear the Children Cry, both located in Kingston.

Greenworks Recycle Corner.

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Managing Director Jerome Maxwell and Camille Wallen examine bin to establish a recycling Corner.