January 27, 2012

Boiler Overhaul Completed in Record Time

Jamalco’s Boiler # 5 which was taken out of service for mechanical overhaul is back in operation and the work done was completed in record time.

The Powerhouse Maintenance team and members of the operating crew team completed the exercise in half the time they were assigned. Powerhouse Superintendent Mark Peterkin said, “The main turn around activities which would normally take at least eight days were completed in four days.” During the boiler’s down time the plant’s operation was restricted to one Digester operation and adversely affected production.

The refurbished boiler is now producing all the steam required to meet the refinery’s production commitments. “This boiler is extremely important to the company’s operations so every effort was made to restore it in the shortest possible time to minimize production losses,” Mark said. The successful completion of the project has also resulted in the decommissioning of all standby equipment.

The work done included the cleaning of the boiler’s furnace, servicing of all instruments and fan drives and washing of the air heater, steam coil and fans.

Extraction and Powerhouse Manager Richard Russell said the overhaul was scheduled for late last year but this was interrupted by the failure of boiler # 3 in September. He said the short turnaround time must be recognized as a significant accomplishment. “To take a boiler that was not performing and return it to full capacity in less than four days is no mean feat. We not only did it in record time but it was done without any incidents or injuries,” Richard said.

He has strong words of commendation for members of his team, the operating crews as well as the contractors who made the overhaul a tremendous success.  “The team work tirelessly and overtime to successfully complete the work and they did so ahead of schedule,” Richard underscored.

Boiler # 5 that was recently overhauled.

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Boiler # 5 that was recently overhauled.