April 10, 2012

Precipitation Team Cops First Best Suggestion of the Month Award

Members of the Precipitation Department comprising Patrick Pearson, Donovan McLean, Kedico Carter and Richard Rattray are the first Jamalco employees to cop the Best Suggestion of the Month award.

Refinery Manager Antonio Melo says the decision was made to revamp the Suggestion System and have a Best Suggestion of the Month to broadcast the great ideas that employees are submitting. “It is also meant to be a motivational tool to recognize and reward employees whose idea is regarded as the best each month.”
The suggestion made by the two employees was to put a 2-inch injection system in place to correct a problem that usually occurs on the Secondary Cyclone Feed Tank (a vessel that sends alumina hydrate to the Secondary Cyclone) whenever there is a power outage.
Kedico Carter explains that in the past “if a power outage occurred, the pumps stopped working and this affected the underflow of the secondary cyclone tank. As a result of this, the solids became dense and stopped flowing. When this happened, the two digesters had to be taken off the production line and this significantly impacted the daily production and the company lost money.”
Kedico says, “With the 2-inch injection system in place, the density of the hydrates reduces and there is a free flow of liquid whether or not power goes.”
Antonio lauded the team for the suggestion to save on production loss. “I hope you will continue to use the Suggestion System to improve our company. Well done!”
Production Manager, Recovery Adlai Robinson noted that this suggestion is positively impacting the company and has resulted in huge savings.
A beaming Precipitation Superintendent Barry Smith says, “I am extremely proud of my team as this initiative is a low cost solution with high impact.”

Precipitation team members show off their tokens.

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The Precipitation team members show off their token for receiving the Best Suggestion of the Month.