April 10, 2012

Jamalco Smashes Alumina Export Record Again

Jamalco smashed the alumina export record set last November when it shipped 43,395 metric tonnes of the smelter grade alumina on April 4. 

The alumina was loaded on the Lowlands Opal at the Rocky Point Port between March 30 and April 4. The Lowlands Opal is the largest alumina ship owned by Alcoa. The ship left the Rocky Point Port on Thursday for Canada.

This record breaking shipment is approximately 2.5% more than the last load shipped in November when 42,373 metric tonnes was loaded on the said ship. Also in May 2011, the company shipped 40,000, the third highest shipment ever.

According to Unit Supervisor (Port) Lavern Roper, “We experienced a few challenges while loading the ship, however, the team pulled out all stops to ensure that the ship was loaded on time and in a safe manner. I must commend the entire team for their dedication and positive attitude.”

Production Manager, Recovery Adlai Robinson said, “We are particularly pleased that we were able to send such a large shipment since 43,395 metric tonnes of alumina is a huge load. Adlai also added that, “the refinery continues to produce at the best levels possible given the circumstances.”

The Lowlands Opal vessell.

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The Lowlands Opal vessell owned by Alcoa.