October 10, 2011

Jamalco Plants Trees for Tomorrow’s Children

Trees are an integral part of our landscape and based on this fact members of the Jamalco workforce journeyed to the Garvey Maceo High School in Clarendon and planted over 200 fruit and ornamental trees on National Tree Planting Day which was observed on Friday October 7.

Senior Community Relations Officer, Phillip Biggs said,” the tree planting exercise is an annual activity on the Jamalco calendar and is usually done during October when we observe “Month of Service”. This is the time when Jamalcoans are encouraged to exercise the spirit of volunteerism at institutions in and around their communities.
Mr. Biggs added that environmental preservation is a part of the company’s mandate. “When we plant trees we are counteracting global warming in many different ways. A single tree can remove more than a ton of Carbon dioxide (CO2) over its lifetime. As trees grow, they remove CO2 from the atmosphere and the shade that trees provides helps to reduce the need for air conditioning thus reducing the amount of energy we use,” he said.
Mr. Biggs also stated that this activity also provided the children with opportunity to learn about trees in a practical way. “They may not be the beneficiaries but when they plant a tree, they do it for their children and grandchildren," he said.
Acting Principal of the school Mrs. Madgeta Pinto said, “Jamalco has come to our aid at the right time as the school was badly in need of the trees. However, if Jamalco had not initiated this activity, the day would have gone unnoticed by us as we really do not have the resources to purchase trees. 
Continuing she said, “We are all aware of the benefits of trees to the environment and so we are extremely grateful to Jamalco for coming in and planting so many trees around which will be of benefit to our children in the future,” Mrs. Pinto said.
During October, some 5000 trees will be planted at local community institutions and will also be distributed to employees to be planted in their neighbourhood.

Tree Planting exercise at Garvey Maceo High School

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Procurement Officers, Leroy Peart and Patriciah Diah with the assistance of a student plant a tree.