Community Outreach
Jamalco helps to build the communities in its operating areas through a variety of programmes including:

Health & Environment

Health Fair/Education: Jamalco’s EHS/Medical department orgsnises regular health fairs in the communities around its operations. These allow residents to get free medical checks.
Medical Supplies: Through a partnership with Global Links, a US based Foundation, Medical Supplies are brought into the island and distributed to local hospitals.

Computers for Schools: A number of schools in our operating area have received assistance to build/equip computer laboratories.
Back-to-School Assistance: Each year hundred of children receive assistance to purchase school books and supplies.
Book Project: For over 18 years Jamalco has distributed text books to schools and libraries. The books are supplied by Bother's Brother- Foundation , a US based organization which receives funding from the Alcoa Foundation and is distributed across the island. In 2006 Jamalco distributed over 30,000 books.
Safety in Schools Education Programme: Jamalco also facilitates safety presentations to schools in Clarendon by officers of the police force and the fire brigade as well as EHS professions from the company.

Netball: The netball nursery programme impact the lives of hundred of young girls in Clarendon school. They receive training in the sport and learn important values. Several youngsters go on to represent their schools and communities. This programme also nurtures members of the Jamalco Netball team, one of the best in Jamaica and many time national champions.
Football: the Jamalco Community Football League sponsored by the company impacts the lives of hundred of young men and their families as it allows them to develop their skills as well as learn important values such as discipline and hard work.
Special Olympics: Jamalco has provided sponsorship for Jamaica Special Olympics allowing special Olympians to participate in local as well as international meets.