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Alcoa Aluminum Powder

The highest quality, consistency, and reliability for demanding applications.

Alcoa Primary Metals is the world leading supplier of aluminum powder.  We produce Alcoa Aluminum Powder at two state-of-the-art production facilities.  The world's largest aluminum atomizer is operated by Alcoa in Rockdale, Texas, along with a sister facility in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil.

Producing the World's Best Aluminum Powder
Both Rockdale and Pocos de Caldas run with the most stringent quality control processes. This provides powders that are the same lot-to-lot, drum-to-drum, all day every day. This consistency provides our customers with more predictable yields and reduces variation in their processes, resulting in higher utilization and ultimately lower cost of operation.

Each atomizer is able to source its aluminum directly from the adjacent smelter, ensuring consistent metal chemistry compared to other powder producers that must source their aluminum from a larger, more variable supply base.  All of these benefits provided by Alcoa mean one major advantage to our customers - more consistent powders for the production of more consistent products.

Providing Product Leadership
Next generation automotive pigments, photovoltaic solar paste, novel industrial coatings, aluminum metal foams, and cutting edge performance in refractories are just a few of the solutions that have been developed with Alcoa Aluminum Powder.  Our customers can achieve significant competitive advantages by utilizing the technical expertise found at the Alcoa Technical Center, the premier light metals research and technology center in the world.

Together with our customers, we can leverage the research and development, application engineering, and fundamental atomization technology, to develop new products that provide security, reliability, and preferences faster than the competition.

Enhancing Our Customer's Efficiency
Our customer's success is Alcoa's success.  We help our customers to achieve higher yields in their processes by eliminating waste.  Alcoa Aluminum Powder products are tailored to customer needs through our specialized operations such as screening, classifying, coating and blending.

Reliability of Supply
Alcoa Aluminum Powder customers who do business with us benefit from the security, reliability, and peace of mind that is created by our safe operations, sufficient capacities, and multiple sourcing locations -- world-class plant distribution in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Category Categories

Powder by Size
The particle-size distribution of Alcoa Aluminum Powders can be adjusted to produce a range of products from coarse to fine, and even superfine.

Powder by Shape
Alcoa offers both spherical and irregularly shaped, nodular powders in commercial quantities.

Powder by Chemical Properties
Alcoa offers aluminum powders with varying aluminum purity and with different concentrations of alloying elements.  Iron and silicon are the major contaminants for both regular and high-purity powders.

Powder by Physical Properties
All Alcoa aluminum powders are produced with an oxide coating.  Special coated and blended powders can be produced according to customer needs.

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