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Ceramic Crucibles and Components

Arconic Power and Propulsion's Specialty Materials facility in Whitehall, Michigan, is a major producer of zirconia components for foundry operations. With the aid of Arconic Power and Propulsion's worldwide operations, Specialty Materials has developed unmatched industry knowledge.  Specialty Materials' close proximity to the Arconic Power and Propulsion Research Corporation enables Arconic Power and Propulsion to combine the technical expertise of both organizations for pre- and post-production technical support for customers.

  • Zirconia melting crucibles
  • Zirconia tundish nozzles
  • Zirconia specialty shapes
  • Media-finish compounds
  • Isostatic pressing, die pressing and injection molding of zirconia products
  • Technical support

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Greg Butzer
Arconic Power and Propulsion

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